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5K iMac: Price, Specs, Performance, SSD, and details

5K iMac: Price, Specs, Performance, SSD, and details. Apple’s new 5K iMac is said to become significantly more powerful. By default, all iMacs finally feature SSD and T2 chip– but remain in the old case.

Apple updated its all-in-one series on Tuesday. The 27 “iMac with 5K display receives extensive innovations: It is now equipped with Intel processors of the current 10th generation, 5 GHz, Apple delivers the top model (a good 2500 euros) with an eight-core processor with 3.8 GHz (Turbo Boost around 5 GHz).

For the first time, the manufacturer also offers an Intel Core i9 with 10 cores as an option at an additional cost, which, depending upon the configuration, ranges from 500 to 600 euros and should offer up to 65 percent more processor performance compared to the top model with eight cores last year.

5K iMac with a matt display as an option

5K iMac with a matt display as an option

The new 27 “iMac also contains graphics chips from AMD: either a Radeon Pro 5300 with 4 GB of GDDR6 memory or a Radeon Pro 5500 XT with 8 GB of GDDR6 memory. The large iMacs are equipped with 8 GB of RAM, but can still be freely upgraded by the user.Apple now also offers a maximum configuration with 128 GB RAM, but costs almost 3200 euros extra, until now a maximum of 64 GB was officially supported.

The 5K display is now available on ask for an additional 600 euros in a matt version with “nanotexture glass”, similar to what Apple already offers for the Pro Display XDR. For the first time, the 27 “iMac can also be ordered with 10 Gigabit Ethernet (surcharge 121.80 euros) instead of Gigabit Ethernet. The connections on the back remain otherwise unchanged: in addition to two USB-C (Thunderbolt 3), there are still four Large USB-A ports and an SDXC card slot as well as a 3.5 mm jack socket.WIFI is limited to 802.11 ac, Bluetooth to 4.2.

The integrated webcam (” FaceTime HD camera”) offers a resolution of 1080p for the first time. Apple also promises audible improvements in the integrated speakers and microphones.

SSD and T2 chip for all iMacs

In all iMacs– including the smaller 21.5 “models– Apple has now integrated SSDs as standard– in the top model with approximately 8 TB. Up to now, the company actually had models with slow magnetic hard disks (5400rpm) in the program. The Fusion Drive– a combination of a small SSD and a large hard drive– continues as an option on the 21.5 “entry-level models.

Alongside the major SSD changeover, Apple’s T2 security chip is moving into the iMac. It works as a memory controller, ensures a secure boot process and handles encryption tasks and other functions around the image signal processor. There are nothing else innovations in the 21.5 “iMacs, they will continue to be offered with older Intel processors of the 7th or 8th generation– from around 1260 euros. The iMac Pro is now available as a basic model with 10 core Xeon instead of 8-core Xeon delivered, the starting price is currently 5360 euros.

Not a new designThe front of the iMacs has been unchanged for over a decade. It is believed that Apple is dealing with a comprehensive redesign of the case, there is also speculation about a new 23 “model. Apple may have postponed a major redesign until in-house ARM-based processors for the all-in-one Mac prepare.

5K iMac: Price

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