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AMD A8-7410 Lower-Mid-Range Laptop CPU: Review & Specs

AMD A8-7410 Lower-Mid-Range Laptop CPU: Review & Specs. The AMD A8-7410, much like its 6410 precursor, is a lower-mid range notebook processor. Both chips deliver very similar performance, with the A8-7410 being only a tad faster. In the actual use, it means smooth operation during day-to-day home and office tasks.

AMD A8-7410 Lower-Mid-Range Laptop CPU

but for heavier stuff like multimedia production, recommended are faster chips like the AMD A10 or Intel’s Core i5 and i7 series, especially quad-core i7. True, the A8-7410 also has four cores, but performance-wise it approaches the more popular dual-core Intel Core i3 series. Similar to most of mainstream laptop CPUs, the A8-7410 consumes 15 Watts of power.

AMD A8-7410 PassMark CPU Benchmark Score

AMD A8-7410 PassMark CPU Benchmark Score

The A8 processor has the Radeon R5 integrated graphics, with similar performance to the Intel HD 5500/ 520 series found in the current Intel Core chips. This means it can run decently smooth light and casual games like League of Legends and Minecraft, but also some more demanding titles on the cheapest graphics settings.

Being one of it greatest benefits, the A8-7410 is a budget-friendly chip. You can usually find it in sub-$500 mainstream notebooks.

Note: Performance and benchmark scores of the AMD A8-7410 may vary relying on the notebook’s other components, settings, cooling, and other factors. Benchmark results are good indicators of its performance in comparison to other chips.

Specifications of the AMD A8-7410

Here’s the specs sheet of the AMD A8-7410:

Processor NameAMD A8-7410
CPU FamilyAMD “Carrizo”
Number of CoresQuad-core / 1 computing thread per core
CPU Clock Speed2-2.5GHz
Cache Size2MB
Memory SupportDDR3 (1866 MHz max. speed)
Integrated GraphicsAMD Radeon R5 Series
Power Consumption15W
Production Technology28-nanometer
Notable TechnologiesAMD Turbo Core

VT-d virtualization

VT-x virtualization

Typical UseAffordable laptops & 2-in-1 PCs

Mainstream laptops & 2-in-1 PCs

User Benchmark Average CPU Score24.9