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Fiat 500e Van version to expand the 500e range in 2021 [Update]

The Fiat 500 e product line has fallen short of expectations, and Stellantis prepares to provide it a push with a commercial variation, as per a report by Automotive News Europe The business has confirmed that a Fiat 500 e van remains in the pipeline to meet the needs of small industrial vehicle customers.

The Fiat 500 e might serve as a last-mile delivery automobile in city places, specifically in cities or locations with a constraint on ICE automobiles in the future. It might have a flat flooring, deleted rear seats, handicapped rear-lateral nontransparent windows, and a mesh bulkhead dividing the front-seat area from the freight location. It will likely take on the Renault Zoe Business, also called Renault Zoe Cargo and Renault Zoe Van in some markets, which costs EUR34,700 in France and ₤28,140 in the UK.

Fiat 500e van Stellantis product roadmap
The Fiat 500 e van will take on the Renault Zoe Business (Renault Zoe Cargo/Renault Zoe Van). Image Source: Automotive News Europe/Motor. es/Stellantis

Production of the Fiat 500 e Van will occur together with the other 500 e versions at the Mirafiori plant in Italy.

On the brand-new Fiat 500 e

The Fiat 500 is an iconic model from the Italian brand. Unlike other famous nameplates that get a redesign with every generation, the 500 has kept its overall style with uncommonly lengthy lifecycles.

The all-new Fiat 500, only in electrical, features a variety of 320 km (WLTP variety) and a leading speed of 150 km/h. Unveiled in 2015, it retained the original design, however that does not mean Fiat designers were lazy. To have a new generation in an electrical platform without deviating from the original design is much more tough. Fiat had actually released a video showcasing the development of the new electric 500 through numerous stages in 2015.