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Genesis GV60 to get biometric authentication feature – Report

Hyundai’s luxury arm, Genesis, is getting ready to launch the new GV60, currently codenamed the Genesis JW EV. Set up to be the company’s first electric vehicle, the JW EV has been spotted testing several times already, and while most of the details are shrouded in camouflage, there is still a lot we know and can speculate about the EV SUV.

For example, as per a recent report in fntimes.com, Hyundai confirmed that the GV60 would come with biometric authentication and reinforced connectivity technology. In terms of design, too, Hyundai said that the new SUV would differ significantly from the Ioniq 5 with a “unique design, increased motor performance, and increased battery capacity”.


From what we see in the spy shots and teasers, Genesis’ new EV will be nothing like its older models. The GV60 will get some signature features to retain its relatability to the brand, but a number of design changes will make it unique.

The GV60 is an SUV coupe, smaller than the GV70e, the electrified version of the GV70 that will launch in 2022. At the front, it gets the signature two stripe headlamp unit of the other GVs, but with unique jewel pattern LEDs. The company first teased this at the unveiling of the Genesis X concept, but spy pictures have also showcased this feature. Off the side, you see a roof that is raked significantly, giving the SUV its all-important coupe-like stance. This, along with the rising beltline, is reminiscent of the concept car.

Another interesting feature is the addition of virtual outside rearview mirrors, as a lot of spy pictures have pointed out. It also gets flush door handles and a peculiar chrome window trim that forms a ‘C’ behind the pillar.

At the rear, you see that the roof slopes straight down into the tailgate ending in a sleek boot spoiler. Two types of wheels are known so far. One batch of pictures shows a 20-inch criss-cross five dual-spoke rim that could be available on the mid-tier trims. The high-performance variants, on the other hand, could get a sportier five twin-spoke rim design. One of the spy pictures also showcased the charging port on the right wheel arch. This could have a semi-circular LED pattern to indicate charging status.


The interiors have been leaked as well, revealing a minimalist design. While the dashboard, centre console and instrument panel have a low-profile look to them, a circular theme is visible on parts such as the gear selector and the door handles. Genesis is expected to make the interior elements using recycled materials but will still exude the luxury that buyers of Genesis have come to expect.

The GV60’s steering wheel will be a two-spoke unit complete with buttons and knobs that will allow control of most of the car’s functions. Behind that is a virtual instrument cluster with an indicated top speed of 260 km/h. To the side is a floating infotainment system and a touchscreen climate control panel. The other features include two monitors for the virtual rear-view mirrors, an AR-enabled head-up display, natural voice recognition and gesture control.

The upholstery should also be of higher quality materials, and comfort and convenience will come in the form of seats that offer massaging functions and rear-seat entertainment.


The GV60 will sit above the Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 in the Hyundai Motor Group’s EV lineup. In that respect, the GV60’s powertrain capability should either match or exceed that of the EV6.

thekoreancarblog.com has presented the specifications of the GV60, confirming that the car has passed through the Korea Emission & Noise Certification body. The power output is listed as 226 horsepower (169 kW), while a mid-level AWD long-range model will have a combined 325 hp (242 kW). The premium GV60 variant reportedly gets twin electric motors producing 218 hp (163 kW) each, producing a combined 436 hp (325 kW).


We already spoke about the virtual exterior mirrors, but another significant feature expected on the GV60 will be the digital key. The digital key will be installed on the owner’s smartphone, allowing them to lock or unlock and even start and stop the car using the phone. NFC antennas in the handles will require you to tap the phone to unlock the car, and the wireless charging pad inside will be where the phone will have to be placed when driving.

Hyundai Kia Genesis E-GMP platform
The Genesis GV60 rides on the E-GMP platform, which offers a 10-80 per cent charging within 18 minutes. Image: Hyundai

Sitting on the Electric Global Modular Platform, the GV60 will have an 800V high-voltage charging system allowing 10 to 80 per cent charging in just 18 minutes while a 5-minute charge allows for 60 miles of range.

Genesis in the UK

In May, Genesis confirmed its entry into the UK entry by Summer 2021. Their debut cars were lined up to be the G80 sedan and the GV80 SUV, followed by the G70 and the GV70. Three electric cars were also scheduled to arrive in the first year, one of which, though unconfirmed, is the GV60. Customers in Europe will be able to buy their Genesis cars entirely online, and while the first studio will be opened in London, two more should be added in Zurich and Munich. Genesis hopes to create a “transparent” pricing structure for the cars and a five-year care plan.

Price & Release Date

According to a report in Asia Times, Genesis is expected to begin mass production in August. However, the semi-conductor shortage could delay this timeline. While the company hasn’t confirmed a launch yet, the Genesis GV60 is expected to go on sale in South Korea later this year, followed by the UK and Europe.

Recently, the Genesis GV60 was spotted completely uncamouflaged, possibly shooting its promos. According to insideevs.com, the picture was posted to Instagram by user @lugnutz_aj just as the car was covered up. The promo shoot suggests that a launch is imminent and just weeks away.

In the UK, the GV60’s main competition will come in the form of the Tesla Model Y. The Tesla Model Y will be available in three variants – Long Range, Dual Motor and Performance – and will start at GBP 35,500, going up to GBP 45,000. We suspect the GV60, too, will be priced in about the same range.

Genesis GV60 FAQs

When will the GV60 be released?

Though unconfirmed, the GV60 will arrive in the UK in the coming months.

How much will the GV60 cost?

The GV60 should cost anywhere between GBP 35,500 and GBP 45,000.

What are the GV60’s main competitors?

The competition will come in the form of the Tesla Model Y, Volvo XC40 Recharge and the Mercedes EQB.

Featured image: blog.naver.com