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Intel Celeron N3350 Basic Laptop Processor: review, specs

Intel Celeron N3350 Basic Laptop Processor: review, specs. The Intel Celeron N3350 is an entry-level processor (CPU) for notebooks. It can be found in various inexpensive laptop models. With its two computing cores, maximal clock speed of 2.4 GHz, and 2MB of cache, the Celeron N3350 provides very basic performance. It is suitable only for non-demanding routine computing tasks. Light web browsing, work in text processing programs, or multimedia playback. The N3350 can run only the lightest casual PC games.

Intel Celeron N3350 Basic Laptop Processor

The N3350 is on the bottom of laptop CPU benchmark score lists. It is capable of completing the aforementioned daily computing tasks. Program and system responsiveness is noticeably better on the mainstream processors like the widely adopted Intel Core i3/ i5/ i7 series, or even the budget-class Celeron quad-core (as opposed to dual-core N3350), Intel Pentium, or AMD A-series chips.

Intel Celeron N3350 Benchmark

On the positive side, the N3350 has a very low power consumption of 6 Watts, as opposed to 15W of the common Intel Core i-series mainstream chips. This means the N3350 is battery-life friendly and that it runs pretty much cool. Of course, battery life of each laptop will primarily depend on battery capacity. CPU power consumption is just one of the major factors for battery life length. As for heat dissipation, the N3350 is among the coolest running notebook CPUs on the market. That allows completely fanless and therefore completely quitet laptop designs, which aren’t possible with faster and hotter mainstream notebook chips.

The best “feature” of the N3350 is its low price. It enables very affordable pricing of notebooks. Laptops with it usually start at only $200.

Specifications of the Intel Celeron N3350

Here’s the specs sheet of the Intel Celeron N3350:

Processor Name Intel Celeron N3350
CPU Family Intel Celeron “Apollo Lake”
Number of Cores Dual-core / 1 computing thread per core
CPU Clock Speed Base: 1.1GHz, Burst: up to 2.4GHz
Cache Size 2MB
Memory Support DDR3 (1866 MHz max. speed)

DDR4 (2400 MHz max. speed)

Integrated Graphics Intel HD
Power Consumption 6W
Production Technology 14-nanometer
Notable Technologies Intel QuickSync Video (speeds up conversion of video files)

VT-x virtualization

Typical Use Affordable laptops & 2-in-1 PCs
User Benchmark Average CPU Score 19.9