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Kia EV5 & five more dedicated Kia EVs can be expected by 2026 [Update]

The EV6 is the very first design Kia has unleashed in its second attack on the international EV market. Kia EV5, Kia EV7, and numerous devoted EVs could be in the pipeline already, as part of the 7 ‘dedicated’ Kia EVs confirmed for launch by 2026.

Kia strategies to utilize alphanumerical names for its next-gen electrical cars and trucks. Karim Habib, Head of Global Design, had said during the new Kia brand name showcase event in January that the upcoming devoted Kia EVs “will simply be called EV1 to EV9.”

Announcing the Plan S method in January 2020, Kia said it prepares to broaden its line-up of all-electric automobiles or battery electrical automobiles (BEVs) to 11 designs by the end of2025 The COVID-19 pandemic and the worldwide semiconductor chip lack that followed were unanticipated interruptions, as at the CEO Investor Day on 9 February 2021, the business mentioned 2026 as the year when it anticipates to have broadened its BEV line-up to 11 models. What does not change though is 7 of them will be dedicated BEVs, indicating they are not conversions of gas-powered automobiles like the Kia Soul EV or e-Niro.

EVs anticipated from the E-GMP platform

From the 2 batches of teasers Kia has actually released this year, we presume that every devoted BEV it launches till 2026 would look totally various from a similar-sized ICE design. The six designs following the EV6 would include smaller models like a Kia EV5 or Kia EV4 crossover that replaces the Kia Soul EV (Kia e-Soul) and bigger models like a Kia EV7 or Kia EV8 SUV that sits together with the Kia Sorento and Palisade as their zero-emission option, comparable to the Ioniq 7 from Hyundai.

Four of the dedicated Kia BEVs due by 2026 would be crossover/SUV/MPV models (RVs), and the remaining would be low-roof designs like hatchbacks, coupes, or sedans. One of the circled around models could be a coupe-styled sedan comparable to the Hyundai Ioniq 6 that is arranged to break cover in2022 Regardless of the various stovepipe hats, common to dedicated Kia BEVs is the E-GMP platform with 800- volt operating voltage and 270 kW or higher-capacity rapid-charging assistance. All of them should provide a range (WLTP) of over 400 km, with the bigger designs like the Kia EV7/Kia EV8 possibly efficient in 550 km. The automobiles can be credited 80 percent level in 18 minutes.

Kia autonomous driving technical roadmap that could be relevant to a new model named Kia EV5
The dedicated Kia BEVs arriving in 2025 or later on, possibly consisting of a Kia EV7 or Kia EV8, might boast Level 4 autonomous driving. Image: Kia

The Kia EV5 or other devoted Kia EVs coming from 2023 may provide Level 3 self-governing driving right from the beginning, Ho-sung Song, CEO, Kia, meant the CEO Investor Day this year. He stated:

Level 2 self-governing driving, HDA2 (Highway Driving Assist 2), will be obtained the very first time to the CV (EV6) which will be launched this year. HDP (Highway Driving Pilot), Level 3, is planned to be very first used to the EV arranged to unveil in 2023.

Ho-sung Song, CEO, Kia

Conversion EV models to continue raking volumes

E-GMP platform-based EVs will be rather expensive in the very first few years. So, Kia will require to continue providing more cost-effective EVs converted from ICE designs for the foreseeable future. “Not all cars and trucks require 800 V tech (of the E-GMP platform),” Sjoerd Knipping, Product and Planning Director, Kia (Europe), told Auto Express

Knipping showed that budget EVs with 400 V tech (comparable to the architecture in the Soul and Niro EVs) in the future might not necessarily be a conversion of ICE designs. The company needs to see if the obtained platforms can be adequate in the low-end product sections or if there’s a requirement for a new platform. Knipping concluded the conversation stating that Kia needs to understand its priorities, the segments it requires to release EVs in, and the sectors in which it can count on ICE platforms or obtained platforms.

The item roadmap you see in the included image confirms that Kia’s line-up will include 3 derivative/converted EVs. One will be the next-gen Kia Niro EV, which is presently under advancement in South Korea and likely to break cover early next year.

Kia Motors Europe sales electric car forecast 2026
Image Source: Kia

Kia go for BEVs to represent 25% of its overall around the world sales by 2029, Song had actually stated in September in 2015. In February, at the CEO Investor Day, he exposed that the business aims to increase the sale of its EVs to 579,000 units in 2026 and after that to 877,000 systems by 2030.

Emilio Herrera, COO, Kia (Europe), had stated that the Old Continent is the centerpiece for electrical automobile sales (sales of EVs grew in 2015 despite the Coronavirus lockdown) and every year in between 2015 and 2019, the company has reported growing sales of EVs with the e-Niro and e-Soul models.

Kia’s ‘Plan S’ technique

In early-2020, Kia Motors Corporation announced information of ‘Plan S’ to establish a management position in the future automotive market that consists of electric lorries. With its broadened EV line-up, Kia is targeting to accomplish a 6.6% worldwide EV market share and 25% share in the environment-friendly vehicle segment. The company is going for 500,000- system yearly EV sales and 1 million eco-friendly vehicle sales (excluding China) by 2026.

According to the Plan S, Kia will invest a total of USD 25 billion by the end of 2025 into its EV organization. To popularise EVs, Kia is preparing to include EV versions for its existing models and devoted EV models with different rates and requirements. Kia will also seek to make innovative EV markets as its base for electric automobiles to achieve 20% sales from EVs by 2025.

Featured Image Source: Kia