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New MacBook Pro patents Changes and Design

New MacBook Pro patents Changes and Design. MacBook Pro patents reveal radical changes coming to the MacBook lineup in a long time. Apple has scheduled special events for the month of September and October. The former will see the announcement of the iPhone 12 series and the latter, the MacBook lineup with the new Apple Silicon chip.

As per earlier leaks, this MacBook lineup powered by the Apple Silicon was expected to be announced in September; to be precise, MacBook Pro 13-inch. October is now confirmed and we can all rejoice.

New MacBook Pro patents Changes and Design

To add to the excitement today, the wait till October will be joyful. New patents have shown up in a database today revealing that the upcoming MacBook Pro will see design changes There are four design patents for MacBook Pro which appeared on the Hong Kong Patent Office database. The patents detail that the new MacBook Pro will feature an ultra-narrow bezel design.

MacBook Pro patent details suggest an ultra-narrow bezel design. Let’s take a closer look.

Apple’s MacBook lineup features thick black bezels all around the display. The news about a thin bezel recalls our coverage about the use of a microLED panel for the display.

We might be speculating at this point, but with the new panels, displays can be made as much thinner and close to the edges as possible. The patent leaks show the MacBook Pro with thinner bezels all around while the rest of the design looks similar to the existing models.

It could be that Apple might announce the latest MacBook Pro with the in-house Apple Silicon chip and a microLED panel. What are the odds of Apple announcing a MacBook Pro 14? Food for thought I guess. The upcoming MacBook Pro 13 will feature the A14X chip pairing with 8/16/32GB RAM as per the configurations you choose. There will be 256GB base storage which maxes out at 4TB.