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Meet The First Electric Tractor Of India: Everything You Need To Know

Yesterday, Sonalika Group launched the first field-ready electric tractor in India at an introductory cost of Rs 5.99 lakh. The Hoshiarpur-based tractor business presented its electric tractor on Farmer’s Day (23 rd December) under the ‘Make in India’ effort, which aims to energize the Indian automobile market by 2030.

The car manufacturer is calling it Tiger Electric. Sonalika said Tiger Electric is created in Europe and is bound to provide smooth power, zero-emissions, and soundless farming. The business intends to release more electric tractors in the future.

First Electric Tractor Of India: Sonalika Tiger Electric

Image: Sonalika Tractors

While being India’s first electrical truck, Sonalika Tiger is geared up with first-rate technology. It’s included with an 11 kW induction motor getting its power from a 25.5 kWh lithium-ion battery.

These are IP67 certified batteries with natural cooling capability. Sonalika claims its electrical truck has 1/4th running expense of a normal diesel tractor. In addition, the less parts in the electric powertrain guarantee no or extremely low upkeep.

Besides, the automaker says that due to the lack of an IC engine, there is no heat transfer or vibrations from the engine, eventually causing a comfy riding experience.


According to Sonalika, its electrical tractor can pull two-tonne trolley for 8 hours on a single charge. In addition, it can accomplish speeds of up to 24.9 km/h.

The best aspect of Sonalika Tiger is its capability of providing high peak torque with absolutely no rpm drop. Higher torque is very more effective when it comes to applications like carrying and pulling loads.

Just How Much Time Does Sonalika Tiger Take For Charging?

It takes around 10 hours utilizing a standard home charger to charge itself totally, according to the company. Nevertheless, it requires only four hours to charge utilizing a quick DC charger.

Final Ideas

For the very first electrical tractor in India, this seems rather an intriguing item. Sonalika revealed restricted information about it. It would have been better if the company discussed the electrical variety and the amount of power and torque it might produce.

Likewise, our company believe the charging time might have been shorter, thinking about the other electrical cars in the market. It’s a tractor and we can not compare it with an electrical car. However, since li-ion batteries are being utilized in a lot of EVs, we are referring to it only for charging rate contrast.

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The standard charging time is regular and acceptable; however, if we talk about quickly charging, it could have been better. One thing to keep in mind is that we are yet to see the total specs.

Other electrical lorries in the market with a greater battery capacity could charge 0 to 80% in about an hour. For this reason, our company believe the business can enhance this facility.

Anyhow, it seems the benefits of an electric tractor still exceed the small issues.