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New Linux Chauffeur To Assistance Sony PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller

A couple of weeks back, Roderick Colenbrander from Sony Interactive Home entertainment sent a series of thirteen patches that introduces a brand-new official Linux kernel motorist to support the Sony PlayStation 5 DualSense Video Game Controller.

As the introduction spot states, the current proposed hid-playstation motorist intends to make it possible for DualSense gamepad support operating in both Bluetooth and USB modes.

Additionally, this Linux driver also supports the controller’s other essential functions such as LEDs, microphone mute, touchpad, movement sensors, lightbar, battery status details, and rumble.

However, presently, it does not support brand-new special functions of DualSense such as Adaptive Triggers and the VCM-based Haptics, which needs a big quantity of data and complex data structures.

If you understand, Sony currently keeps the mainline Linux kernel’s hid-sony input driver.

But with brand-new and separate hid-playstation motorist for PS5 game controller, Sony has also prepared to move some of the Sony Interactive Home entertainment hardware support from the existing hid-sony to hid-playstation chauffeurs while still continuing to keep hid-sony.

Like DualShock 4 in hid-sony, the new driver likewise exposes DualSense functionality as a ‘compositive device’ encompassing numerous structures.

For instance, 3 Evdev nodes for gamepad, touchpad, motion sensors, FF framework for basic rumble functions, and a brand-new leds-class-multicolor for the lightbars next to the touchpad.

Though the new HID-PlayStation driver is currently offered for testing, it has actually not been pushed for mainline Linux kernel as it’s under review.

But it will be amazing to use Sony’s DualSense controller on Linux platform with an official out of package assistance.

Via– Phoronix