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Next-gen Hyundai Sonata (Hybrid) to release in 2023 – Report

The eighth-gen Hyundai Sonata (codename: Hyundai DN8) that debuted in March 2017 will not get a mid-life facelift. Sales of the model is not up to the mark, at least not back house, and so, all resources are pooled into the development of the ninth-gen Hyundai Sonata to provide it a clean slate, it is reported in South Korea.

Over the last couple of years, the Hyundai Azera (Hyundai Grandeur) has actually dwarfed the Hyundai Sonata in the Korean market. That’s partly since it has evolved to be a more appealing item and partly due to the fact that the Sonata has driven consumer interest away with its weird design. Sure, the Grandeur has also embraced an eccentric new look, however its recipe is a hit. It has actually developed into an elegant and sophisticated sedan with the vibrant style. The unusual Sonata, on the other hand, looks unappealing and totally weird to many.

Year Hyundai Sonata sales (S. Korea) Hyundai Azera sales( S. Korea)
2021(January-July 2021)36,06958,077
The Hyundai Azera (Hyundai Grandeur) has surpassed the Hyundai Sonata in South Korea in the last five years. Information Source: Hyundai.

According to a report from Auto Post, Hyundai has acknowledged the Sonata DN8’s collapse. The business tried to wait with discount rates, production suspensions, and a design year change, but these measures have not caused a recovery. It has actually decided not to provide the existing model a facelift and directly replace it with the next-gen Sonata in 2023.

Same platform however new design

The ninth-gen Hyundai Sonata (codename: Hyundai DN9) will ride on the exact same platform that underpins the present design. Called ‘third-generation vehicle platform’ publicly and ‘N3 platform’ internally, it does enable partial electrification with mild-hybrid, full-hybrid, and plug-in hybrid technologies. The powertrain choices of the Sonata DN9 could be the like the present design (fuel, gasoline-electric hybrid, and LPG).

Taking the Sonata to its ninth generation, Hyundai will likely simplify its style, making it more commonly acceptable and enhance its devices. The report says that it is extremely likely that the business will add an increased truth head-up display, sequential turn indicators, and Highway Driving Assist 2 (HDA 2) to its list of features.

U.S. launch

The U.S. will likely be amongst the first markets worldwide to get the next-gen Hyundai Sonata in2023 It will be the ICE design option to the all-electric Hyundai Ioniq 6 midsize sedan in the business’s worldwide line-up. We will update this page as and when brand-new details emerges.

Featured image: Hyundai