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NVIDIA Releases Patent Suit on Samsung and Qualcomm, Wants Galaxy Gadgets to be Banned

In its first suit ever, NVIDIA has actually launched a patent fit focused on Samsung Galaxy Phones, Tablets and Qualcomm over GPU patents.

NVIDIA writes on its blog site:

” This is an essential day for NVIDIA. For the very first time because starting this company 21 years ago, we have initiated a patent claim.”

NVIDIA composes that they repeatedly complained the patent violation to Samsung over Qualcomm’s chips but absolutely nothing took place.

” We made no progress. Samsung consistently said that this was mainly their suppliers’ issue. We had numerous meetings where we demonstrated how our patents use to all of their mobile phones and to all the graphics architectures they utilize.”

NVIDIA has actually called 12 Samsung gadgets they wish to obstruct: the Galaxy Note, Note Pro, Note 3, Tab S, Tab Pro, Tab 2, Galaxy S III, S4, S5, Instill 4G and Samsung Illusion.

The claim covers these major points:

  • The entire concept of the GPU i.e. devoted graphics processing chip
  • Programmable shading
  • Unified shading
  • Multithreaded processing on a GPU

Qualcomm’s chips, its GPUs, are utilized in various gadgets beyond simply Samsung’s. Depending on courts’ judgment to confirm the credibility, infringement and worth of our patents, Samsung and especially Qualcomm might be in for a long battle.

Check out the complete declaration here: Nvidia Launches Patent Suits