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Oppo Electric Car project is starting to become an open secret

Oppo hasn’t yet confirmed that they are entering the electric vehicle space, but with the reports that keeps coming, it isn’t much of a secret.

There is a growing interest in the EV space from the tech world considering. Apple for instance is working on their own secret electric car project while Xiaomi, which for a change has confirmed its entry into the electric car market, has reportedly already decided on their headquarters and factory. Oppo, too, has reportedly over 3,000 patents in connected cars – everything from car communication and, video and image processing to in-car charging. According to a cnevpost.com report dated August 19, Oppo also disclosed a new patent that has to do with vehicle lighting control.

The report, citing data provider Qichacha, said that the new lighting control tech allows the car to determine road conditions and information as well as the presence of other vehicles, within a specified range, of course. This information is then relayed to a server that controls the vehicle’s lights allowing for more flexibility.

Tracking the Oppo electric car

First rumours of the Oppo electric car surfaced back in April. A cnevpost.com report dated April 28 cited 36kr saying that Oppo founder, Tony Chen has been researching talent and industry chain resources. The post also reported that Chen also met with the President of CATL’s China passenger vehicle division, Zhu Wei and even made visits to the China Automotive Technology and Research Centre.

The report further states that Wu Henggang, Vice President of software engineering, has also been involved along with Guo Yandong who joined Oppo after leaving XPeng Motors. With Wu as the top executive, the two are currently involved in the company’s self-driving team’s preparations.

More recently, according to a cnevpost.com article dated August 8, Oppo partnered with China’s largest local automaker, SAIC Group to bring the cellphone experience into the car. The agreement was signed on August 5 and the two companies will collaborate on a number of features that have to do car-user interactions. SAIC and Oppo are, however, mainly going to be working on the SOA (Service-oriented Architecture), an operation platform best described as an app store for cars.

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